7 Tips when Traveling with your Pet

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There is nothing quite like having your pet by your side to ease even the most fearful flyers. But, whether hopping on the subway or jet-setting to escape the winter weather, being unprepared can quickly turn your trip from peaceful to panic-filled. Don’t start calling the pet-sitter just yet! Off-Leash put together our go-to pre-travel checklist for a stress-free, and safe trip.

1. Wellness Check

The stress of traveling coupled with a new and strange environment can trigger the expression of an underlying condition in your pet. To minimize risk of any unexpected problems, make sure your pet is up to date with their bi-annual wellness check, and if not, add an appointment with Off Leash to your to-do list!

2. Health certificate

(Certificates of Veterinary Inspection): This certificate, required for out of state travel only, confirms your pet has been recently examined, is free from signs of infectious disease, and is up to date on vaccines. Health certificates must be obtained through a specially licensed veterinarian at least 10 days prior to travel. Can’t make it to the vet and still meet your work deadline? Don’t stress! Off leash vets are licensed and can come straight to your home or office at your convenience.

3. Medication

Since many pets are prone to anxiety or motion sickness, never try a new drug on the day of travel since adverse reactions are unpredictable. Be sure all prescriptions are up to date and refilled prior to travel. If you’re worried about potential issues, discuss with your veterinarian or call Off-Leash. Together, we will develop an action plan to keep both you are your pet safe and relaxed.

4. Luggage

If your pet is not a certified ESA animal, the airline will require the pet to be in a soft or hard kennel that is well ventilated and leak-proof. Pets larger in size will most likely have to travel as cargo in a USDA-approved hard kennel. Some off-leash favorites include:

Any carrier should be properly labeled with your name, your pet’s name, and an emergency contact number. Always check for additional restrictions and regulations with your airline in advance of travel.

5. Waste Bags

No explanation needed…be prepared.

6. Bones and Toys

Similarly to all magazines, books, and movies you downloaded on itunes for the trip, your pet needs their fair share of entertainment. Make sure to pack your pet’s favorite toys in an easily accessible place. Avoid new toys or treats to prevent unforeseen choking hazards or gastrointestinal upset.

7. Food and Water

The physical demands of air travel, as well as adding stress and panting, increases our pets’ energy and water demands. Make sure to offer ample food and water within 4 hours of travel. Small, travel-friendly dishes should be available at all times during the trip.