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It’s No Longer Ruff to Dine with Dogs in NYC!

You no longer have to worry about ever eating alone again because now the love of
your life can join you for outdoor dining and cocktails during those dog days of summer. Earlier this spring it was announced by New York City’s Health Department that dogs can be their human’s dining companion on the patio of participating restaurants. Prior to this new regulation being passed, everyones’ precious pooches were forced to longingly look on from outside the patio railings as their humans feasted. It was a heartbreaking sight.

Unless of course you were at the Barking Dog on the Upper East Side which, prior to this announcement, was one of the only and hence very popular dog friendly restaurant because it featured an outdoor patio dining which could legally host canine and human dinner parties.

There are some stipulations for participating restaurants under this new law. Your dog must have a license and must be vaccinated. And it must be well behaved. As John DeLucie of Bedford & Co. near Grand Central told the New York Post, “We are going to be very welcoming, but everyone has to be on his best behavior. If the dog is humping someone’s chair leg or eating off the table, the customer will quickly get a check-with the neighbor’s food on it!”

So definitely brush up your pooch’s table manners, dress them in their finest, and head out on the town to one of these or any another of the many newly dog friendly al fresco restaurants:

1. Bistro Chat Noir, 22 E. 66th St. Despite being called the “black cat,” they are a tres dog friendly on their belle patio. And this upscale bistro has such a perfect authentic feel you will feel like you have taken your poodle to Paris for the afternoon.

2. El Toro Blaco, 257 6th Ave.If you and your perro get thirsty, stop by this Mexican restaurant which features a bar stocked with over 150 selections of tequilas and mezcals which make some amazing and unique margaritas. Ok, well maybe the margaritas should just be for you, but your furry friend is welcome to share your taco at their outdoor dining tables, and then he can help walk you home after you taste all of their tequilas.

3. A.G. Kitchen, 269 Columbus Ave. This Cuban restaurant would make a perfect spot to relax after playing with your pooch in the park. While getting out of the sun in their semi-enclosed patio, you can enjoy their great menu featuring some pretty amazing burgers for you and a special $5 canine menu including beef sliders and ice cream for your four-legged friend.

4. Per Lei, 1347 2nd Ave.This stylish Italian restaurant will undoubtedly make you and your dog need a nap after dining. Their menu has all the cheese and pasta filled items you could want, as well as a mouthwatering selection of desserts. And you don’t even need to worry about not sharing with your pup. They are offering complimentary vitamin infused biscuits and jerk chicken fillet to all furry guests. Mamma mia!

5. Cookshop, 156 10th Ave Since your dog is undoubtedly an early riser even on the weekends, why not get up and out to take them to dine in the outdoor seating of this restaurant which offers arguably one of the best brunches in the city. Be sure to get yourself one of their epic Bloody Marys.