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That’s what we called our little man for months until we brought him in to get neutered, and found we were in fact getting him castrated, NOT SPAYED! I must admit, I resented this little golden furball because I was only 12 and he was a “replacement” gift from my mom after we moved from Yellville, AR to NYC and left everything. Yet after witnessing his playfulness, love, spunk, and loyalty he expressed, he simply became my best friend. Then one day after many “what should we name HIM?” conversations, he decided to get into his many mischievous moods and pull on a curtain. So when we yelled out “Mr. Kitty!!” and he decided to look back, that quickly became his name.

Then one day, he began coughing in a strange not-hairball way.  After 13 years of perfect health, so we thought, he was diagnosed with a most likely congenital heart defect and was indeed in heart failure. Im lucky that I had such a great team of doctors and technicians that allowed me to limit his veterinary visits until they were absolutely necessary because of his fragile condition. Traveling was not in his best interest having a condition like this, and every single time it was extremely stressful and borderline deadly for him. After many visits, multiple thoracocentesis procedures and tests, we were able to finally manage his condition for almost a year! We called him a miracle lion-cat.

Then my boy went into kidney failure, which we knew was a possibility, and that was when he had to make that so very difficult decision. I only wish I was able to get a compassionate veterinarian that I trusted, available to visit my home and let him go comfortably, but I couldn’t. I had to get into a cab to the hospital ASAP and before the staff could get an IV into him, I felt his heart stop.

Growing up with me, greeting me, and just loving me for me, was the only thing I could think about and I felt so horrible that I had to let him go to heaven that way. It was certainly out of my control but it pained me so much to cause so much stress in his final minutes and I only wish I was able to give him a better send off. In the end I know I gave him the best life and chance possible. I will always be grateful for my friends in the veterinary field but I hope and pray that now with all of these new wonderful resources, no one experiences that like myself and my forever Mr. Kitty.

Author: Jessica Blandino, Licensed Veterinary Technician